Tuesday, November 6, 2007


is exactly how much knitting you can get done while watching the gosh darn Colts give it away to the freaking Patriots. It's a simple "guy sock" for my son for Christmas. Nothing fancy - just 2 cables thrown in so I don't fall asleep while knitting!

I know - all I am knitting lately is socks! I need a change up. Anyone see the new issue of Interweave Knits? My next (and first) self project is that cardigan on the cover. I love it! So, as soon as I get past the Christmas necessities (oh yeah and the darn dog sweater that has been OTN for FOREVER) that is next.

Yesterday my dad opened a new Provino's at the Mall of GA. We went out there early to hang out with my dad and take some pictures for the website. Oh, and of course, have dinner! It was yummy! Here's a couple of pictures from that. I didn't get any of Mr. Man though! And he looked so handsome too!!! Darn........

That's me and my dad pointing to a picture of his wife since she hadn't arrived yet. We thought a picture with all three of us would be nice!

And that is my dad and his "gang" of managers and such. We call them the "posse". There are more pictures up on the Provino's website at http://www.provinos.com/ if you are so inclined to go look at them.

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Hockey Mom said...

Congrats to your dad on his new restaurant. And, um, I thought the Pats were supposed to beat the Colts? I hates the Colts, I do.