Thursday, November 8, 2007

Nothing I blog will be good

After reading ESCs blog post about the buttsecks/spinning analogy I feel that anything I write will simply pale in comparison. Then there was La's post about the underwater dancing llama. I have nothing that is nearly as fun or fantastical as either of those! We do have a neighborhood association meeting tonight though and since I am the president I usually have people screaming at me for some thing or another so I might have a good story after that.

Then on Friday I will be attending a party with Fatimah and possibly Melissa since (as weird cosmo mojo has it) we have some friends in common. Could be some fun stuff there to report as well. I'll be sure to have my camera.

Then on Saturday we are going to the mountains and if we get back in time, which I'm sure we will, we will be attending a "clothing optional" party for a neighbor. Now, the invitation JOKINGLY said that it was "clothing optional" but I let Diane know that she CANNOT put stuff like that on invitations for us. My husband already has his non-clothing outfit all picked out and ready to go. I mean really, many of you know him, you simply cannot give him that option if you don't REALLY mean that your party is clothing optional. Maybe I can at least talk him into wearing the weenie warmer.

So I'll be sure to keep my camera with me over the weekend to catch any incriminating evidence.


Hockey Mom said...

This oughta be good! Heh.

evilsciencechick said...

I didn't mean to stunt anyone's blog creativity with that post, really!

Also - take! pictures! ;)

Crafty Carolyn said...

That's a pretty colorful story already!