Monday, November 26, 2007

Thanksgiving Tails

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! We had a very relaxed day which was nice. We went to the farm to see my dad. With the exception of the protest.............

it was quite nice. It was too darn cold to get out there and take a bunch of pictures of farm creatures. But we did get some of the turkeys as they strutted through the yard during dinner. Don't worry - these are PET turkeys and are not going to anyone's plate!

I'm almost done with socks for my son for Christmas. I got a bunch of the last one done today while at a neurology appt. with Mr. Man. After that, I'm just not sure what is next. Lion Brand has a cute pattern for a bolero that I might make for someone after a couple of minor modifications and I want to make Jen's Star Headband for someone because I think it is so cute!

No other new news to report. I think Wayne and I are buying a GOOD digital camera for each other for Christmas. We kinda get tired of the whole "Christmas thing" so I think we may go volunteer at a homeless shelter or the VA nursing home for Christmas instead of doing all that crazy gift stuff with family. So I'll post pictures of the picture taker when we get it!!

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