Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Not as bad as a post about a toilet seat........

Yes, it's true. If you haven't read Stephanie's post today ( be prepared to read all about her new toilet seat. Now, I'm not really sure what is more sad. Her posting about her new toilet seat or me finding myself really pulling for her and Joe just praying they are actually able to find the right toilet seat. I agree - it's a toss up. Anyway, check it out. It is pretty humorous.

So I'm going to talk to you about paint. That's right - paint. Wayne and I have completed the foyer, stairwell and upstairs landing. YAY!! I have been wanting to do that SO bad since we moved in (yes, over 3 years ago - so what!). The entire house was white when we moved in. YAWN...............BORING! So we have painted most of it but I was dreading the stairwell because it is so high and I hate heights and I hate Wayne having to get on ladders when it seems precarious. So, our scuffed up boring ass white walls remained. Until yesterday. TA-DA!!!!!!!!

I know it is hard to tell but it is kind of a warm green tea color and I LOVE IT!!! YAY!!! Here's a picture with the new walls with the spinning wheel.

Today, on my way home from work, I narowly avoided being involved in a very serious accident on 285 (read: the highway where people drive like they are INSANE). When I got home I just started crying and shaking - it was really scary. I have lived in this nutty city all my life and (knock on wood) never been involved in a serious accident. Which is pretty amazing considering how much driving around I do - especially now for my job.

I was traveling back home from one of my clinics after a meeting. I was in the next to left hand lane (285 is about 8 lanes on each side on this particular stretch) and someone in the lane next to me about 300 yards in front of me or so seriously overcorrected after trying to avoid someone coming over into her lane from her right. I thought she was going to flip since she was in an SUV but she didn't. She hit the car to the right of her which sent her spinning across the highway right in front of me so I slammed on my brakes praying that no one would hit me from behind. Luckily there was no one very close behind me. Then she hit the car to my left, sent that car across the highway in front of me going to the right. Then she hit the wall, came back across my lane of traffic again and t-boned the tractor trailer that was in the lane next to me. When that happened, she stopped against the truck and was sticking out into my lane so I had to swerve to the left to avoid hitting her.

I could feel the impact coming and I was ready to kiss the front right portion of Wayne's car goodbye. I just tried to relax and maintain composure during the impact. AMAZINGLY I skirted right by her (must have been by like a 1/2 inch) and didn't end up hitting anyone - THANKFULLY!!! I guess my guardian angel was working overtime for me at that particular moment. I wanted to stop but there was no way I could regain composure and get back across all those lanes of traffic safely to stop and go back to the accident. Two other people had pulled off to help so I knew there was help there. But, being a nurse you always feel like you should stop to help. I knew I ran the risk of making things worse though so I didn't.

I'm so glad that I am not one of those people that just freaks out under pressure. Since I had no idea where those cars were going next I couldn't really get out of the way, I just had to try and maneuver around the next thing that was happening. Luckily, I was able to do so. I guess being a nurse teaches you how to maintain composure in stressful situations pretty well!!! Thank goodness all those degrees are good for something!!

Wayne promptly gave me a good, long hug and a glass of wine. Thank God for a husband who WANTS to see me live through the day!!


Jolynn said...

Yikes! Sounds scary!

Yay for the new paint! A change of scenery is always exciting!


Calicoknits said...

glad you survived - They don't call 285 the Watermelon 500 for nothing. The paint is lovely too.

theyarnwhisperer said...

285 is a nightmare! I once hydroplane and spun around 360degrees from the far left lane to the right lane. I was lucky there was no traffic or I'd be a dead girl. I'm glad you're ok. Folks are even crazier on I-20, believe it or not. They drive like they're on the friggin autoban in Germany!
Congrats on the painting. The kids bathroom has had the bottom part primed but that's as far as its gotten in the last year.
I saw yarn on the spinning wheel. Does that mean that Mr. Man has been spinning?

Mouse said...

OMG.. how horrible! I'm sooo glad that you are ok! I avoid being on the major Atlanta highways at any cost.. even as a passenger.