Thursday, November 22, 2007

Scarily Not Busy.............

Is scarily even a word? Well it is now. Usually on Thanksgiving you are running around crazy cooking, cleaning, decorating, running to the store for that key ingredient you forgot to buy (like you buy everything FOR making the turkey but then forget the damn turkey kind of thing). That's kind of how I was expecting this morning to be. BUT it's just not. We are doing not much of anything really. Wayne is working on some pottery plates that are going to be beautiful and I am here (obviously) blogging with you fine folks! He is decorating the plates with grape leaves and vines - I'm sure they will be stunning. Here is just the plain pottery plates so far.

My point is, I have never been this NOT BUSY on Thanksgiving morning before! We are going to my dad's farm for dinner around 12 and we made the homemade pecan pie and sweet potatos and pumpkin pie last night. So all of that stuff is ready to go. Look at this beautiful pecan pie Wayne made!! I would show you the pumpkin pie too but that one already has 3 pieces missing out of it!! :)

So we are basically ready to go. All we have to do is get properly dressed and we are on our way out the door. I already gave Mr. Man a haircut this morning so he is already looking spiffy! I SHOULD be knitting instead of blogging. I don't know why but I can't seem to make myself sit still to knit unless it is later in the day. Hmmm....I'll have to work on that.

Oh - AND - we FINALLY got some RAIN people! YAY! It wasn't that much but it was at least enough to give the plants a good drink and let the birds play. My son took his girlfriend camping day before yesterday. This is his first 'solo' camping trip without parental involvement. So, naturally, he was excited about it. I don't think his girlfriend trusted that he really knew what he was doing but she went along anyway. I text messaged him last night saying "The rain is coming" because I had told him how miserable it was to have to pack up all of your camping gear in the rain. I was hoping they would go ahead and pack up and head back instead of having to pack up in the rain in the morning. I sent that message at about 5:00. I got a text message back this morning at 12:30 that said (exactly) "Lots of f'ing rain". So I guess they are packing up in the rain.

We have his 18th birthday dinner next weekend so that will be fun. He is bringing his girlfriend and her parents. I haven't met her parents yet. She (the girlfriend) does NOT want me meeting her mother. Apparently we are too much alike and will get along too well and share too much information. We both reguarly talk and laugh about topics that the kids claim is "scarring them for life". I say get over it. It makes you tougher, right?

I think I have rambled enough. Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!! Enjoy the football games and join me in sending some losing mojo to Dallas!

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fleegle said...

Really nice-looking pie! What needle and yarn did you use?