Friday, October 26, 2007

Fence Fixin'

As I logged in I noticed that my last post was on Tuesday. TUESDAY! I haven't posted since Tuesday! Sorry 'bout that. Ironically, my last post was about how slack I have been on posting. Well, at least I'm consistant.

Back to fence fixin'. Yep, that's how the Mr. and I spent our day today. We headed out to the farm for a day of work. Honestly, it does not even feel like work because we love being out there so much and we work so amazingly well together. My step-mother's mom has been in the hospital so we figured they could use and hand out there for a day or two.

Our morning started off with visiting dad and Gail. Which we LOVE. Actually our morning started out with a trip to Target but that's boring. These two are truly a couple of our favorite folks. I have been blessed with an amazingly wonderful family. I'm talking BOTH parents AND my husband AND my kid. You might hear me mumbling that I do also have a brother somewhere in there but HE is another story...................

Then we were given our list of chores. Water. That was our list. We were to fill the water buckets for the pets out in the pastures. Seriously? We drove out here to help and the only thing you have on our list is to water?!?! Gimmie a break, we will FIND stuff to do. And find we did....................

Watering - check. Done. Didn't take long. I played with "Little Toot" for a bit - a teeny tiny goat that Gail has been hand feeding because she is a triplet and is getting skanked on the milk supply. So she is tiny and follows you around bleating and runs after you and she is SO DAMN cute! She followed us back to the barn bleating for a bit of goat feed. Done.

Then we discovered the stalls still weren't done. GREAT! That is the kind of thing we were looking for. Do the stalls so they are all clean by the time Gail gets home. So we busted our butts getting them cleaned. The trailer we dump the stall stuff in was kind of full so I called her to ask her if we could dump it. No, she said someone comes to pick it up and he would be there tomorrow. Fine, Wayne and I got busy finishing the last stalls. Then she calls back. This was the conversation:

Me: Hey!
Gail: Hey, you two aren't doing the stalls are you?
Me: Yes, of course we are! We are here to help!
Gail: Damn! I should have told you that I have a guy that I pay that comes to do stalls! He will be there at 12!
Me: ...................................................................

So shit. We didn't make it easier on her at all which was our whole point for going out there!! So, we are in search of yet another project. FENCES!! There were several fences in need of repair so we loaded up the golf cart with wood and tools and got to work fixing all the fences that had downed boards!! YAY!!! We finally did something useful! Geez....took us long enough.

I didn't bring my camera out to the farm today darnit, otherwise I would have a picture of cutie patootie Little Toot for ya. :( But, she pretty much looks like this one.


Hockey Mom said...

Y'all need fences to fix, I GOT fences to fix! Heh, just kidding.

Such a good daughter and son-in-law!

theyarnwhisperer said...

the baby goat is adorable.
did wayne learn how to spin yet?
I did some retail therapy at Knitch today after going to the doctor for these friggin headaches. Everybody was nice and the usual offender was not there.