Tuesday, October 23, 2007

OK, so I'm slack........

Yeah, yeah, yeah.....I hear ya. I haven't blogged in a while because I have been slack. Well, I'm not going to deny it, it's true.

So, this is a special blog. One where you get to listen to me whine.........I WANT TO GO TO SAFF!!!!!!!! So does hubby and we are STUCK this weekend because we are doing something with our neighbors on Saturday. Don't get me wrong, we WANT to go with our neighbors to their son's birthday celebration in Suchess (N. GA) because we LOVE Winn (their son). Winn is a great guy who has built his entire house himself up there in the hills of GA. He's very earthy and just a super nice guy and one hell of a musician. I'll have some pics for ya after the weekend.

HOWEVER, does it have to be the same weekend as SAFF?!?!?! If I had known about SAFF beforehand, I would have never accepted the invitation. AND we are driving our elderly neighbors up there and back so there can't be any of this "Well, let's go stay in Asheville for a day or two and then we will just drive to N.GA and meet them". DAMMIT!!! Ugh....double dammit!!!!

SO, I assume that SAFF is the same time, same place next year???? Yes???? If so, I'm booked for the weekend and will not allow any birthday plans to interfere no matter how much we like someone. We'll visit them on another weekend. Surely most people are like me and celebrate their birthday for an entire month, right?? That goes for birthday celebrations, funerals, weddings, births, graduations, work bull-shit, hoe-downs, alien invasions, child interferences, nobel prize winning, whatever! Sorry, I'm BOOKED!


Hockey Mom said...

It's the last weekend in October. Every year.

We'll miss you!

theyarnwhisperer said...

I'm with ya. I'm on call this weekend, so no SAFF for me, but I would really love to go. And I bet my son, Nathan would love to go. He's turned into such a little knitter!
I've got your lesson and some stitch markers in a padded envelope and as soon as I can wash my skanky ass and go to the post office, it will be on its way to you.

jenifleur said...

My first SAFF we drove up Sunday morning and back that afternoon.

Just sayin'.

Scenery, wool and the best man in the world made it awesome. And I was gonna buy a place in Suches, but I bought one in banjoland instead. It was cheaper.