Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloweenie!

I am SO close to having an FO to report I can almost taste it! The second sock is almost complete and then it will be time to start something new. WEBS was having a sale the other day so, of course, I couldn't resist and got a fun box packed full of yarn on Monday. Oh yeah, I really needed that.
Wayne made some ghosts for our front yard for Halloween. We will be hanging around for the kids for a bit then off to the neighbors house for a party. Wayne isn't dressing up. He went in drag as a woman last year and I think he is still traumatized!! You can enjoy those pictures HERE if you are feeling brave!!

We have been spending LOTS of time getting the online lessons up on the website. We have a few of them up now and a few more just need pictures and then they can go up too. These things have been HARD work but I am hoping people will enjoy them and get a lot out of them. I have people writing to me almost every day thanking me for the videos and/or asking me to teach them something or do a video on something else. I hope the lessons will be filling some of the gaps!!
I'm going to have some of Melissa's stitch markers on there too! Hopefully they will be up today or tomorrow.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN everyone!! :)


Fattie said...

Ummm no I will still be called Fattie because I have a friend who has always called me that. It has no physical implication whatsoever. :-) And apparently you are neighbors with my friends and I'll be seeing you at a party soon. What are the damn chances of that? Well, see you there!

theyarnwhisperer said...

after taking two rounds of imitrex and some percocet, I spent Halloween in the bed nursing this blasted headache.
I think Wayne should have gone to the party in the outfit he is known best for!

Warlock said...

I would if I thought I could get away with it! Anyone having a party soon? Hahaha!