Friday, September 28, 2007

WHY do I log onto Knit Picks???

Geeezzzzz.......I really should know better. I logged on to buy THESE and then of course the shipping is free if you bump your order up to $45. So I bought more innerds for my knit picks set - which I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE (thanks hubby!) but then you think, 'well, if I'm going to spend $45 and get free shipping I might as well get some yarn'. Then you look at the yarn and think "well, since I'm already getting free shipping I might as well make it worth it so I don't have to make another $45 order.". Then you think "Well hell, that yarn is on sale so I should definitely buy some of that.". Until finally it is a downward spiral and you have spent well over $100. Just damn. I know every single one of you have had that same conversation with yourself in your head!

Now, let me explain something. I am NOT a shopper. I actually hate shopping. I buy stuff if and when I need to for the most part. I am not an impulse shopper, I do not like to go places just to "look around" and I definitely do not have a spending problem when it comes to shopping. Mr. Man is the one who like to shop in our house!! I swear we should have stock in Sam's Club. Anyway, I have no idea what comes over me when it comes to yarn! It's like all bets are off and I have a hard time controlling myself!

On another note, my
mom is not a knitter. Not a wanna-be knitter, not a wowishouldreallylearnhowtodothat-knitter, not a wowwhatyouaredoingisreallyneat-knitter - nothing. However, she is always immensly supportive of me and all my endeavors - always has been. So, she has offered for me to bring her two sticks and some yarn and work through my first lesson to see if she can learn how to knit from the lesson. Wayne and I are heading over there in an hour or so for wine, dinner and knitting lessons. Something tells me I should be sure to bring the camera. More on that later!

Here's my eye candy Friday shots:

This was taken at Grassy Pond in Valdosta, GA on our way down to the Okeefenokee Swamp.

Here's a pic we took while canoeing in the Okeefenokee. Yep, that 5 gators and a turtle in the middle. Do you think that turtle is thinking that perhaps he has made an error in judgement? If you have never been to the Okeefenokee it is truly one of the most beautiful and amazing places I have ever been. Don't go if you are scared of gators though because gators were EVERYWHERE. Seriously, I bet we saw over 200 of them in a 3 day weekend. I think they like to eat feral hay hens too. If you want to see all of my Okeefenokee pics from that trip, go HERE.


evilsciencechick said...

this is why I haven't logged on to knitpicks to order the very nice needle gauge (that jane has - measure in american sizes and mm), even though it's only like $3. I've never gotten out of knitpicks for only $3. I've never gotten out of TARGET for $3.

I may have a problem.

theyarnwhisperer said...

I'm with you, sista. I'm not a shopper as a usual state of mind. That would be Steven. I have realized, however, I have a yarn problem. And I've done the exact same thing as you. Damn that free shipping for orders over a certain amount! I am proud of myself, however, for walking out of Knitch the last two times with having spent less than $30. On one trip I just bought stuff for the kids and didn't buy one single thing for me. This last time I walked out of there with one skein of malabrigo, one skein of artyarns, and some brittany dpns (not even lantern moon dpns! Aren't you proud of me?!) I'm still looking for a day that me and my Mr. Man can hook up with you, your Mr. Man, and your folks and alpacas. Steven's on this "home a couple of days/out of town a couple of days" schedule right now. Its very dizzying. Doesn't leave much time for porch sex!

barefoothandyman said...

I want a front porch! Wanna join me on a front porch Knit Witch???

Knit Witch said...

Sure!!!! As long as you wear that weenie warmer sexy man!! :)

Frank the Reindeer said...

All my money definitely goes to yarn purchases. I will sacrifice something I really need so I can buy some yarn. It's sad, really.

The Finer Skeins in Life said...

Hey girl! I didn't realized how much info your site had 'til I looked around. It's very impressive! Also, I love your picture of the swamp. It's beautiful. And I love my eye-candy! BTW, I finally blogged-can I get back in the cool-kids-club-now? Pleeeeease?