Thursday, September 27, 2007

Husband on a Rant

Yep, that's the story around our house today. Hubby (aka weenie warmer model) is on a rant today against people who do not recycle. Now that we actually have curb service recycling here in DeKalb County AND you don't even have to separate it (just throw it all in one bag and set it on the curb) it is SO EASY that there shouldn't be any excuse for not doing it other than you simply don't care. We actually picked up people's newspaper they had bagged and put on the street (which goes goes in with the regular trash though they can't seem to comprehend that) and brought it home to recycle it.

So, he posted a big thing on our neighborhood website today about how people should take more environmental responsibility and do their part - especially when it is so easy! Everyone wants to drink bottled water because it is "more pure" (which is a lie by the way - if you read the labels many of them say they are from a "municipal source" - uhhhh, that's CITY WATER folks) but then they don't want to do things that help keep our water, land and air clean. Don't get me wrong, recycling has it's own problems and isn't the end all be all for planet health but at least it is a start. Basically we need a total redo on the way we live and a bit of control over our voracious consumerism, materialism and status seeking.

Anyhoooooooooooo...................I guess I should get off my soapbox before everyone quits reading. No knitting to report today so far. Know that sock that I have been working on? The one I brought to the Yarn Harlot event? Yeah, it has totally pissed me off and I seriously considered frogging the whole froggin' thing last night!!! Apparently, one time, in my infinite wisdom and disability to pay attention, picked the darn thing up and started knitting THE WRONG WAY around it!!! UGH!! How do I not notice that I am doing that?? I picked it up last night to work on it and I was like "What the hell??" So, I spent about an hour frogging back a few rows which always is so much fun when there are lots of yarn overs involved. I threaded a tapestry needle, went down a few rows and threaded the yarn through the right half of each stitch and THEN frogged. Then I had the stitches on my yarn and just picked them back up with the DPNs. I know, it sounds like an easy process but it still took me almost an hour to get it back to "knit ready" status. So now it is knit ready but I'm pissed off at it so I should probably find something else to do for a while.
I spent some time last night knitting a REALLY EXCITING garter stitch swatch for my online lessons that I am writing. Brace yourselves, here comes the picture:

I know, it's boring as hell but it kept me from doing crack on the streets, ok?!?! The first online lesson is looking really good and it is going to be WAY BETTER than the other "correspondence lessons" that are out there. Anyone wanna read it over for me when it is written? This is a basic, basic lesson for someone who does not know anything about knitting so it won't be any new and exciting information for ya!


Frank the Reindeer said...

In my residence hall, the hall recycling bins are closer than the kitchen trash can for most people. However, I find recyclable items in the trash can all.the.time. I mean, seriously, people.
In other words: Amen to your husband!

jenifleur said...

I have to separate, load and transport my recycling to the county facility and I still do it. What a bunch of lazy asses. They shouldn't be allowed to drink bottled water, soda, beer or buy newspapers unless they recycle. And they should be ashamed of themselves, which they probably aren't. So there. Rant away, sister.

barefoothandyman said...

Thank you yarn addicts for supporting my rant! I mean there is so little effort involved in the recycling program here in DeKalb county. The only excuse there could possibly be is "I don't care" or "Yeah my ass is too big to haul it to the curb".

Tippi said...

I don't get the reluctance to recycle, either. We get Big Blue Bags from the city and can throw all the recyclables into them, set them out on the curb, and let the trucks come pick them up. And yet, come Wednesday morning I'm the only one with a blue bag on the curb as far as the eye can see. Argh! (I also recycle sweaters. I need to blog about that, too!)

Carolyn said...

Speaking of clean water, have you seen the commercial where they show a mountain stream and say "If your water came from here, you wouldn't have to worry about what's in it..."? I'd be worried about all the animal droppings and whatnot in that water.

Oh, and I just spent about that much at KnitPicks a couple weeks ago.