Saturday, September 29, 2007

Teaching Mom to Knit

Remember how I was going over to mom's house to bring her yarn and needles so she could try knitting??? Oh didn't really go well at all. I was trying to teach her to do the long tail cast-on. I know, I know, that is a terrible introduction but that's what she picked out of my lesson to try and learn. So we fiddled with it for a while and it just didn't really go very well. I was trying to convince her that it really is fun if she would be interested in learning it. Then, you are not going to believe what she said to me. She told me this "I don't want to learn to knit because you can't really make anything that is USEFUL.". What?!?!?! Are you KIDDING me?? I could now enterain you with a LONG list of "useful" things that you can make from knitting but, since you are knitters (which is why you are reading this crazy blog) I am simply wasting my time and boring you. Of course you realize the lack of knitting education in that statement. I have decided that my mother is getting the most fabulous sweater for Christmas. 2008 Christmas that is.........something that will blow her away. Here she is "trying" to knit. Don't let the smile fool you folks, she's totally a muggle.

Hubby and I spent the day today at Emory. We went to the Carlos museum to see the exhibit on Jewish and Christian history which was pretty interesting. Then we walked through the rest of the museum. Then we walked to the other side of campus and went to one of my most favorite places to eat (besides Provino's I mean) Doc Chey's! Then we walked BACK to the other side of campus and went to check out the new building at Egleston. I hadn't seen the new building since they opened it - actually the last time I looked at it it was simply a GIANT hole in the ground. It's very impressive and now we join the ranks of our other hospital - Scottish Rite! Since I have been working for the outpatient centers, I rarely spend time in the hospitals anymore. I saw a few folks I haven't seen in a long time and even saw someone I trained when she was a new grad! Time flies.

Then we went walking at Lullwater and then finished up our trip at these two places. We walked about 12 miles today!

Here's where I got my bachelor's degree and my master's degree in nursing. I know, the picture is blurry but the sign says that it is the nursing school, trust me I spent A LOT of my life there in that building!!

And here's where I got my master's degree in Public Health. Yeah, I spent A LOT of time on the good 'ol Emory campus but it was good because it is such a beautiful campus! I loved it there!

Then, we topped off our evening by going to eat at, you guessed it, Provino's!! YAY!!! For those of you out there who don't know, that's my dad's restaurant so I have been eating that food since like before I was born. We have to limit our trips there to about once every 2-3 months or so because otherwise we would weigh about 500#!!!

It was GREAT day and we had lots of fun. Have I mentioned how much I love my wonderful husband lately??? It's great to be able to spend so much time with my best friend! :)

By the way - Congratulations to AMY for finally posting on her freakin' blog!


Frank the Reindeer said...

Wow. That's bad, though not as bad as one I've seen around the blogworld lately...something along the lines of "I saw something like that in Wal*Mart!" Ah!

Oh I want to check out the exhibit at the Carlos so badly!

Fattie said...

Wow your family owns Provinos! I just discovered it recently. Those rolls are to die for! We've gotta do a knit-in there since we all know the food is tasty. Your hubby sounds great. It's nice to hear another person who loves their husband and likes spending time with him...I was starting to wonder if it was just me. :-)

Tippi said...

Even though my grandmother is the one who taught me the very basics of knitting (how to do a backwards loop cast-on and the knit stitch) she's still a little boggled at how or why I can spend so much time working a little pair of socks!

Hockey Mom said...

Spreading the love! You're such a good girl.