Saturday, September 1, 2007

Plants and Socks

Sounds like a reasonable combination, right?? Well, for starters, we went to Pike Nurseries today and they just happened to be having a huge sale! Yippee! We wanted some plants for our house since we were discussing how pathetic it is that we have NO houseplants! So, lucky for us we were able to get about 15 houseplants AND ceramic pots and some wall hangers for about $70! I don't think we paid over $2.99 for a single thing. So, here is some of our "plant work" - pay no mind to the knitting stuff all over the couch.........

So, that was fun! We spent a couple of hours getting everything potted and placed and such. Then, my knit picks sock yarn came in the mail! So, time to get busy on some Christmas socks. Here's what I got - all on sale of course!

Apparently Slim was tired from all the hard work of him doing NOTHING while we potted plants. He made it very obvious that I was in his spot on the couch and that he didn't appreciate that one bit.


theyarnwhisperer said...

I am so jealous that the yarn fairies came to visit. Amy and I did a combined order the other day when I was helping her pick out some sock yarn for her Hogwarts sockpal exchange. I was sending her to different sites to look at yarn that I thought she could use and lo and behold we ran upon a place that had artyarns supermerino on sale and since she was placing an order....I of course had to get some too. Hell, it was on sale and by ordering together we could save on shipping! Its an oragne/taupe combo that I plan on making some socks for my oldest son with. He's into orange. In fact, he has a hideous orange sweater that I made for him and was truly a labor of love because I did not care for the color at all. I do, however, like the yarn I picked for the socks.

Knit Witch said...

Well....aren't you going to tell me which site that was????? You probably shouldn't, my husband will kick your ass.