Tuesday, August 28, 2007


LOOK at all these "things" we found all over our tomato plants yesterday!!! ICK!!! Wayne says they are horn worms or horny worms or something. They must be horny worms because there was a mass population explosion of these things that has basically decimated our tomato plants!!

I know the tomato plants were pretty much done for anyways but now they are REALLY gone. Wayne must have pulled off about 30 of these things! I was the "finder" and Wayne was the "puller" as I do not touch things that have more than 4 legs and certainly not things that have like 40 legs.

On another note, Check THESE out!

I know, the flash is in the way. Here's one without the flash but it's a little fuzzy.

These are the DPNs that earned the MacGyver badge. Wayne made these for me out of bamboo skewers and they are a perfect size 2! He soaked them in some fancy stuff to make them harder (I think it was a Viagra slurry but I'm not sure - haha!) and then he filed them and sanded them and they are perfect! I'm going to try them out later tonight. Hmmmm......which yarn looks like it wants to be the next pair of socks??

I'm going with the black and blue Jawoll. I think I'll even write my own pattern!

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theyarnwhisperer said...

those worms ARE gross. Yuck!
You never did tell me if the farm is yours or where the farm is in your pictures.