Tuesday, September 25, 2007


WARNING - if you are a member of KAC (knitters against crochet) stop now and do not finish reading this post.

I was in need of a quick project for some FO satisfaction. I can crochet MUCH faster than knitting so I whipped up a cute little hat for my son's girlfriend. The pattern was in Knit Simple some issues ago. I, of course, had to make the obligatory slight pattern changes but this is what I came out with.

I think it turned out pretty good! Great for a quickie. Sorry about the pottery pet urn modeling technique. I'm sure my husband would have modeled it for me but, you know him....he would have wanted to take all of his clothes off to model the hat. :)

Thanks to everyone for the great Christmas ideas! I better get started. Thanks to everyone who saw my post and added me on Ravelry!! I gotta spend some time sitting down and figuring that darn thing out.


Hockey Mom said...

It's a beautiful FO. Just remember, crochet uses 2/3's more yarn than knitting therefore making knitting a more cost-effective hobby. Heh.

It's all GOOD!

Carolyn said...

I crochet a lot faster than I knit also. I do both kinds of projects about equal.

I don't know if I believe that stuff about crochet taking more yarn, either. How did they measure that? Because crochet is so often open-work, so those holes cut back the "excess" amount of yarn you'd be using. If you're just doing rows and rows of single crochet, maybe it's more than making the same number of stockinette rows, but how often do you just do single crochet stitches?

The Yarn Harlot has a really funny chapter about why you shouldn't crochet (all tongue in cheek) in...I think it's in The Secret Life of a Knitter. I could be wrong. I have all her books and I get them mixed up sometimes

theyarnwhisperer said...

When I took the boys to Knitch one of the employees there was telling my oldest son about how crochet takes up more yarn than knitting.
I crochet as well as knit. When it comes to doing felted stuff I actually prefer to crochet. It goes a hell of a lot fast, actually felts up a little bit thicker as well and you can't tell if its been knitted or crocheted once its felted. I think certain projects should be crocheted and certain projects should be knitted. I think that socks should be knitted. Plain and simple. I think most ponchos should be crocheted. I think most everything else can be either or, depending on what you're going for.