Wednesday, June 6, 2007 THIS is the kind of knitting humor I can definitely appreciate! After my husband reads this darn thing I'm not even going to be able to fit his ego through the door though.....

I was looking at all of your pics of FO's and they are lovely. Well, *blush* I came across your "weenie warmer"...hee hee and just love it btw. I belong to an awesome knit group on MySpace [name removed since I don't have permission], and just HAD to share that with them. I tell ya, those girls have giggled and shown it around to all of their gf's. Girls that dont even know how to knit now want to learn just so they can make one of those...LOL Here is my post that I wrote...I thought it was pretty cute...

"I was innocently nosing around Knit Witches website that I found off of her AWESOME how to knit/crochet video's on YouTube. I was looking at her wonderful FO's, when low and behold I clicked on the next pic. WOW!! Of course I thought of my dear [name removed] buddies, and just COULDN'T let you miss out on such a wonderful knitting project. I hate to say this but....for some of us it will take looooonger to make, and sorry to say for others it will take just a short amount of time. If this is your case, think VERTICAL stripes...LOL

(look over your shoulder before opening the link..not for the kiddies) Warmer"

Then I had an html link to the word "warmer".

Well, tell your hubby he has been the hit of our knitting group, and probably had more women looking at his "man package" today than he has ever had look at it before...LOL...well, I'm just guessing that might be true....LOLOL

Thanks again for your help.Have a wonderful day.

I think that is GREAT! Some people that actually appreciated me putting that pattern on the website for exactly what it was - hilarious!!! I actually have had a few nasty comments about it. One that particularly sticks out in my mind is someone who told me they were ticked because they were expecting the pattern to be for a daschund sweater ---- well it's not even close!!!! But I could see how one could get confused....weenie warmer vs. daschund sweater. So, now there is a "warning" on the pattern that people see before they open it. Haha!

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