Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Drunk, Divorced and Covered in Cat Hair

OK - I know, I haven't blogged anything for a while. Shame on me. BUT has anyone else seen this book?? Drunk, Divorced and Covered in Cat Hair by Crazy Aunt Purl - ok here's the link - go check it out. This book looks hilarious and I simply must have it! I think I should write - Slightly Tipsy, Married and Covered in Dog AND Cat Hair as a knock off book....haha!

OK, also, I have another fun thing for you to check out. I have recently been corresponding with the Knotty Girls. They are pretty darn funny too so go look at their site at www.knottygirls.com. My favorite part of their site is where they are comparing each other's personalities. I told them that I especially like their Knitting Drinking Game that they have posted. Yeah, NO WAY to remain sober playing that game.............if you have a party involving this game do yourself a favor and stick to garter stitch anything. This game should come with a warning that claims "No Lace!". My husband told me I should have a knitting party and feature that game as the entertainment. Of course, that is only so that he will be surrounded by extreemly tipsy women who would ask him to model a thong I had knit him then (hopefully) beg him to be our stripper for the night thus becoming the encore to the knitting drinking game entertainment! Yeah.........I've got him all figured out.

Nothing much new to report other than we have decided we are NOT moving to SC after all. After some heartfelt discussions with hubby we have decided we just have too many friends and family here and we love our house and our neighborhood and we just aren't quite ready to leave this crazy city just yet. I know, Atlanta is getting bad and the traffic is atrocious and we hear gun shots at least once a week but, ya know.......it's home........for now anyway. So, we bailed on the deal we made on the house and began replanting ourselves here a couple of weeks ago.

In celebration, my husband decided to finally get our garage in a somewhat workable (read: able to walk through it) condition. My husband is a handyman and we don't have a handyman house (YET - it's under construction of sorts) to house all of his endless supply of tools. Oh yes, we have a tool for EVERYTHING. I have told him if he wants to really make some money he should open a tool rental place for the neighbors in our garage!! So anyway, now it is somewhat respectable and we can actually pull a car into it!! Amazing.......truly. I wish I had taken before and after pictures!! He put up shelves and made a work bench and all kinds of fun manly stuff!!

OK - enough about that. OTN: Still working on that knitted sweater for our bigger dog - hopefully it will be done sometime before the next millenium, still working on that darn huge crochet blanket (sort of - I saw the same one that Wayne's ex-wife made the other day [she gave me the pattern] and it was GREAT! So dang, now I feel like mine pales in comparison already and I chose sucky colors dammit!) and a crochet baby blanket for someone who doesn't really deserve it. I think I need a FUN project! Hmmm....I think I'll buy some yarn for that man thong!! Pictures to follow............


La said...

Oh, and here I was going to write one called "Sh*tfaced, Remarried, and Where Has All My Hair Gone?", but I think yours is better.

Thanks for the shoutout! So, before I go trolling, have any YouTube tutorials on mattress stitch?

Knit Witch said...

Hahaha!! I like it! Nope sorry. No tutorials on mattress stitch YET but I will add it to the list - thanks for the suggestion!