Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Stitches South

I know you have all been anxiously awaiting some pictures from Stitches South! We had an AMAZING time as always. It is always great to see good friends. Of course, the Scalini's dinner was totally awesome and I think we had a record crowd this year! We completely packed the banquet room and I think everyone had a really good time. Per usual, it seems I am always the one taking the pictures and never seem to end up in any of the pictures!

Here's our table. That's my son waving in the background there. Luckily, he and Tiana were able to make it this year!

Here is a shot of Nathan and Tiana

Here is the infamous Gryphon of Sanguine Grypon in her usual attire!

Wayne had a "kilt buddy" this year! This is Wayne and Hunter. It's funny because when Hunter first got there, he said he had tons of people coming up to him saying "You are wearing a kilt - do you know Wayne?" Hunter was thinking - I have got to meet this Wayne guy - he seems so famous, right? Well he did and I managed to get a shot of them together in their kilts. Aren't they looking "manly"? haha!

My dad came and was a big hit, as usual. We all had a great time. Same time, same place next year right folks?? Jen has effectively named this dinner "Scalinigate". Kind of catchy, don't you think?  :)

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