Monday, April 18, 2011

Wild Adventures

Miss Nessie has been an indoor cat since day 1. However, our other two cats go in and out as they please and we bring them in at night to save them from being eaten by coyotes. Keeping one cat in while the other two go in and out has been a major pain. Plus, Nessie is fast. She can scoot around you faster than you can say "lightning". So, we are worried that she is going to scoot out the door around us one day and freak out and run away into the wild blue yonder.

We haven't let her outside for a few reasons.

1 - She is nuts. I mean this cat is certifiable. She would jump off of a 3 story building to chase after a fly without giving it a second thought. She isn't scared of anything and she has no idea what it means to be street wise and avoid cars.
2 - She has long hair and she loves to get dirty. This means that she will come back with all kinds of mats, tangles, burrs, muddy feet, etc.
3 - She hates to get a bath or be brushed (see #2).
4 - See #1

BUT - on the other hand, we don't want her to get out and then freak out because she has no idea where she is or what it means to be outside. And with 2 other cats that go in and out and her moving at lightning speed - this just seems inevitable. Plus, we feel sorry for her. When the entire rest of the family is outside enjoying the beautiful weather, poor Miss Nessie is stuck inside by herself. We want her to have some fun too!

We finally figured that it was better to work with her and let her get used to being outside so she knows where she is than to have to panic when she gets out. Thus begins Nessie's outdoor adventures. Here's some pictures of Nessie's first day out!

She was overwhelmed but she did pretty well! I think the other cats and Petey helped to keep her grounded. She didn't run off never to return, so that was good. She wandered a bit and played in the woods but she never went too far from us. Additionally, she thinks that the chickens look like they would taste pretty good.


Owl Chick said...

She's gorgeous :) Maybe what Nessie really needs is a cat run so she can have the glory of the outdoors without the wide open spaces?

admin said...

I see she's got that attack cat pose down. She needs to come live with Mr. Smith.

Farmer Jen said...

She is beautiful!

jomamma said...

I know exactly how you feel, our Gracie just started going out a few weeks ago. She's roughly the same age as Nessie. We have to worry about owls here! We just returned from the Vet this afternoon, 4 staples in 2 places from a tangle with the neighbor's cat yesterday.

toni in florida said...

She's gotten so grown up and lovely! You are wise to protect her from her inner "crazy", while letting her sample the outdoors. Thanks for the photos.

Did you all come through the storms OK?

Disaster Strikes said...

What a coincidence! I found and adopted a 4month old kitten. She was living under my work for 3 weeks before she had the courage to let me pick her up...She's a year old now..two days ago I let her outside for the first time in 6months and she shot away. Today my husband found her wedged between two hedges. Poor thing was skinny and tired. :( I think she will remain an indoor cat for awhile...(she is nuts as well and looks very similar to Nessie..except orange and blonde...not white).