Friday, April 15, 2011

Still Alive

I know, you are all wondering if we are still alive, right? Well, maybe not but I'm letting you know that we are anyway. I do have several blog posts ready to go (and have for about 2 weeks now!) but I keep forgetting to ask my husband to resize the pictures for me so I can put them up. So, consider this my official picture asking procedure Mr. Newberry! :)

Yesterday, we drove to Atlanta to deliver a few yarn bowls and a minute amount of yarn to the wonderful Kate of Dragonfly Fibers! She will have some of our stuff in her booth for Stitches South. We'll be heading back there tomorrow for fun with friends and the infamous and always entertaining Scalini's dinner (now officially known in the Atlanta circles as Scalinigate). We are really looking forward to seeing everyone!

I'll have some blogs and pictures for you next week - I promise!

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