Monday, March 28, 2011

New Projects

We have a new project going......surprise, surprise, right? A couple of my students are involved with the Atlanta Day Shelter and started a rudimentary garden for the people who come there. The Atlanta Day Shelter is a place for women and children to go during the day who stay in the homeless shelters at night. Here is what the students put together for a garden last year:

Not necessarily beautiful, but functional! The women and kids there really enjoyed growing a few things and enjoyed working in the garden. Then, my students got the idea to actually build some raised bed gardens that would be a bit more aesthetic and more permanent. Here's where we (by we I mean Wayne) come in. We started with a few pieces of wood:

Wayne worked all day on Tuesday while I was at the hospital with students and he got all of this cut:

On Wednesday, I went with him and we started building the 4x4 boxes. The students wanted to break up all the asphalt and actually put in a garden. We nixed that and suggested the much easier project of raised bed gardens! Here's Wayne putting one together.

Making progress:

Presto! We got all the boxes built before we left on Wednesday!

Now we just have to put them together, line them and put some dirt in them and start growing! I'm really looking forward to finishing this project! The students are going to do a little research project around whether or not the gardening improves the mental health and happiness of the residents. Each of the boxes will have a couple of benches around them so that people can go out there and just sit or tinker around with the garden.

We'll bring you more pictures as we have them! We should be able to finish up in a couple of weeks. It's taking several weeks just because we have to load up all of Wayne's tools, store them in the Atlanta apartment, haul them over there and then haul them back. We can't do that if it's raining because his tools will get all wet! But, hopefully, the weather will hold out enough for us to get finished up in the next couple of weeks.

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