Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Wow! What a game! I know many of my Pittsburgh friends weren't too happy though. I always enjoy a good Superbowl and a good Superbowl party! If we all have to sit inside, our place isn't really big enough to have a lot of people over. We have LOTS of porch space but that isn't really very much fun when it is 30 degrees outside. We just had a couple of people over to enjoy the game with us.

We have a few things to eat.....................YUM! Wayne made chicken wings but he made some fake chicken wings for those of us who enjoy flesh free food! :) Ever since we have gotten chickens, I feel especially guilty about eating chicken!!! Our girls are too cute to eat!!

Speaking of chickens - here's a couple of pics for ya. They get to come out almost everyday and they just have the best time wandering around the yard.

I think we are going to need to put a 6' fence around our garden this year to keep them out until the plants get big enough for them to go in there for pest control purposes. That will be one of Wayne and Bert's projects early this year. Wayne and Bert have decided to trade off labor with each other so they can both get projects done around the house. ReLeah (Bert's wife) and I love that idea!!

We have snow predicted for tonight and tomorrow. We'll see what happens. Good grief I'm ready for Spring!!!!

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