Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Big hooters, small hooters and medium hooters

We saw all kinds of hooters last weekend! Monteen was in downtown Blue Ridge last weekend with 3 of her rescue owls. These are owls that have been rescued that cannot be released back into the wild for various reasons. Usually, they have some type of injury that prevents them from eating, hunting or flying or, before Monteen got them, they were habituated to humans and therefore not eligible for release.

First up is Sam. This is Sam on his 21st birthday! Sam is a Great Horned Owl.

Next, is Nigel. Nigel is a Tawny owl that is native to Africa, not the US.

Finally, is cute little Scully! Scully is a Screech Owl. How cute is he?!?!

Look at the cute birthday cake our neighbor Liz made for Sam's birthday.

Monteen put on a great event for everyone around here and she ended up taking in a good bit in donations for "Mouse Money" so that was great!!!! I hope she will come back again soon because it was really fun to get a chance to see these amazing creatures up close and personal.

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