Monday, January 17, 2011

How was everyone's weekend? We had a nice, lazy, low-key weekend around here - which was really nice for a change! My new PhD classes don't start for another week or so but I have been able to start reading and working ahead this time, which is great! I dyed a bunch of yarn (which I'm hoping to put up on the site in a week or two - I'll let you know) and I got a bunch of knitting done! I finished the back of Wayne's sweater and started on the front.

I have been really bad about taking pictures lately! There isn't much inspiration around here with everything being frozen! Our pond has been frozen solid since before Christmas! Yesterday, it actually got up to about 60 degrees though! We were so excited!!!! We went out and worked on the chicken coop a bit. We put a tarp over the top so that the straw would stay reasonably dry. Wayne is going to put a real roof on it when it gets warmer, but this is great for a temporary fix. I don't think it looks too tacky in the meantime, do you?

I also got all of the yarn finished and labeled for Club Dragon Witch for the February shipment AND I got all of the goodies ready to go!! I'm looking forward to getting our first 2011 shipment out!

Even though we had a low-key weekend - it was pretty productive!

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