Monday, December 13, 2010


One of the joys (or annoyances depending on how you look at it) of living in the N. GA mountains is the occasional snow that usually just skips by Atlanta. We were in Atlanta yesterday and we were supposed to go to Jane's FABULOUS end of year knitter party. However, we heard that the weather was supposed to be getting really bad up here in Blue Ridge so we figured we better do the responsible thing and head home. We didn't want to be stuck having to drive home on icy roads. So, we came back. We HATE that we missed the party but I am glad that we came back. First of all, we feel better about being here when the weather is bad and second of all..............the snow is so pretty!!!

We did drop our gift off at Jane's first in hopes that someone would get to enjoy the contents. Guess who won it? That's right - Ms. Evil Science Chick herself who promptly sent me some pictures! It's a little blurry because I think it was taken with a cell phone, but you get the idea.

Anyway, on to the snow!!! It was actually snowing in Atlanta yesterday when we were leaving - a pretty unusual event. So, we knew we would be coming home to a bunch of white stuff! We kept passing cars that were heading south with a lot of snow on them. It snowed all afternoon yesterday and is still snowing this morning! I love it - as long as we don't have to go anywhere! We will have to head out again on Wednesday and we need to take a bunch of bowls out to be shipped tomorrow but, until then - we can just enjoy!

Our pond is frozen. It was not frozen at all when we got home yesterday so this happened overnight.

Here is Goose out enjoying the snow!

Here is how the other cats will be spending the day. That piece of paper on the floor was Nessie's toy this morning. Every morning she finds SOMETHING to play with to annoy us.

Missy thinks nothing of taking Petey's spot in front of the fireplace.


Janice in GA said...

I really tried to convince ESC that that that yarn was really MY color, but for some reason, I couldn't talk her into that. Go figure.

Missed y'all! It was a nice party. The only time I get to see folks anymore is on special occasions like that. :)

Turtle said...

i'll take snow right now. Our county was declared a disaster yesterday... our downstairs is one that got hit with some of the effects 7 inches of rain in 24 hours can bring. Lol, i'm tired of sucking water!