Wednesday, December 15, 2010


So, we have this guy at the apartment that is annoying us. EVERY. SINGLE. FRIGGIN. MORNING. The guy's car alarm goes off. EVERY. MORNING. (Did I mention that part?). We can pretty much count on being woken up around 2:30AM. This is really annoying when you have to get up at 4:30 AM (or even when you don't). I can't imagine that we are the only people in the whole complex that this is annoying.

Wayne sees him one day and the following conversation ensures:

Wayne - Hey, is that your car alarm that goes off every night?

Annoying Car Dude - Yeah.

W - Uh, could you maybe turn it off so that it isn't going off every night?

ACD - No.

W - Well, you know it gets pretty annoying getting woken up every morning by your car alarm.

ACD - Well people keep tryin' to touch it and stuff.

W - Touch your car? I don't think anyone is touching your car every morning at 2:30.

ACD - Well they are.

W - So you can't turn it off?

ACD - Well I CAN but I WON'T.

Nice. So, we go to the office to file a complaint. They office people are concerned about this (we have a strict "no noise" policy after 10PM).

Fast forward 3 weeks later. The darn thing is STILL going off every morning. Of course, we are only there once a week so it was a little while before we got back to the office to complain again. We go back to the office and the following conversation ensues.

Us - Remember that car alarm guy we were telling you about?

Office Folks - YES! You mean that thing is STILL going off? We sent the resource officer out there to talk to him.

U - Well, it went off again this morning and yesterday morning.

OF - Wow. OK - let me get the property manager. We know who it is and we will cite him again.

(Property Manager walks in)

OF - These people are here because that car alarm is STILL going off every morning! What is our next step?

PM - (Looks at us) - See those two US Marshalls out there?

U - Yes.

PM - Well there are here to evict him.

U - WOW! You guys work really fast!

Don't you love it when problems are resolved so satisfactorily? That's what I call swift justice. Turns out, not only was he "annoying car alarm" dude, but he was also "I haven't paid my rent in 5 months" dude and he was also "I work for UPS and I have been driving the truck home and taking packages into my apartment" dude. So - good riddance!

I couldn't resist the opportunity to take some photos for you all. Unfortunately, the US Marshall guys were Giants fans and they continuously reminded me of the beat down that they had given the Redskins on the previous Sunday. Ouch.


Jocelyn said...

Oh wow. That was some swift action. He must have pissed off the Property Manager as well for the US Marshall to be there so quickly. But now he is in another neighbourhood annoying other residents with his 2am car alarm. Tsk tsk.

Turtle said...

sweet justice!

Jane said...

I just hope they were able to recover the stolen UPS goods. And yay for no more annoying car alarm! BTW, give me a call when you are in town - I have your present from the party - and it's a GOOD one!

jomamma said...

Don't you just love karma! Was that all his stuff out in the parking lot? Maybe he'll be able to hear his car alarm if he's sleeping in the next space over from his car.