Monday, November 8, 2010


I bet you thought we bought some sheep, eh? I think we have enough furred and feathered friends around here.

Of course, no visit to SAFF would be complete without SHEEP, right?? Jen, Regan, Grace and I took a walk out to visit the sheep. I learned a lot about the different breeds of sheep! We saw lots of Shetland.

Look at the cute little faces on these guys! They were so cute and sweet!

These are some Tunis Sheep. Regan bought a Tunis fleece. I love their faces, aren't they cute!

I can't remember what these guys are - Cormo maybe???

My Christmas sweater is coming right along. I am about 1/2 done with the first sleeve so not TOO much further. It might actually get done before Christmas - woo hoo! I REALLY want to make a Central Park Hoodie (this has been on my list for forever) so I am going to think about dyeing up some yarn for that. I'm sure that won't get started before Christmas though!

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Kate said...

Silly girl; those are mohair goats! I have a friend here who raises Pygora and is madly in love with them:)