Monday, November 15, 2010

Monday Cuteness

I know, you have all been missing pictures of sweet little Nessie, right? Well, she isn't so little anymore and she definitely isn't sweet unless she is REALLY tired. I'm tellin' ya, this girl is a terrorist!!! She is into EVERYTHING and I swear she never runs out of energy. She is the craziest kitten I have ever seen and she can do some pretty amazing acrobatics. We'll have to see if we can get those filmed somehow.

She loves her big brother and Atlanta Apartment companion, Petey! Oh, and my lovely laptop cord!

Here she is next to Petey's bear.

Here she is balancing on Wayne's boot (did I tell you guys the doc put him in a boot for his Achilles tendon injury???)

That little bugger is getting spayed on Friday. I'm hoping that will slow her down for a day at least.

I keep meaning to get some pictures of the apartment and I keep forgetting! Maybe next time we are down there I can remember.

Things are really gearing up around here for the holidays! We have a Thanksgiving dinner at my aunt's house in Rome (GA) on Sunday that we are looking forward to. Then on Thanksgiving day we'll be working here serving and great, free dinner for our community at the High School! It should be a good time!

For Christmas, we are off to Florida for a week since that is the only time that I have a break from all 3 universities that I am involved with - so we are definitely looking forward to that!! I have only spent one Christmas away from home and that was a LONG time ago and it was pretty much a terrible trip that I can entertain you all with someday. So, this will be kind of weird but we'll have a good time. I think my son and his girlfriend are going to go with us so that will make it extra fun! BTW - my son turns 21 in like 2 weeks!!!!! Where does the time go.........?


Zaneta said...

wow, she's gotten big!! Still cute though! :)

Ash said...

Wow! Look at that bushy tail! What a cutey!