Monday, October 11, 2010

Time Flies.............

Ya know.................I'm tellin' ya - time flies! I don't even know what happens to the weeks lately! We have been busy with life in general and getting ready for SAFF!!!!

I never did finish telling you about homecoming weekend at Emory. One of the things we did was go tour the new School of Public Health, which is MUCH nicer than the School of Public Health that I graduated from!!! One of the really cool things is on the top floor balcony. You have a pretty cool view of Atlanta from the 10th story!

Here you can see the downtown Atlanta skyline.

This is the massive CDC complex which is right next to the School of Public Health and the School of Nursing. This is only a small, small portion.

Over here you can see Children's Healthcare of Atlanta where I have students one day a week! The building that the sign is on is the old building. We now have a new, fancier building in addition to this one behind the old building.

Here is an aerial view of some of the Emory campus.

We didn't stay for the dinner because we were so tired after the concert and because we had to get back to the pets. It was a fun weekend though and I'm glad we stayed for it!

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