Friday, October 1, 2010

Indigo Girls!

The reason that we were in Atlanta for such an extended period of time this past week was because we stayed over the weekend for Emory Homecoming. Normally, I'm not really interested in events such as this too much. However, this year, the Indigo Girls were playing a free concert on the field for Emory students and alums since they are both alumni themselves!! So, of course we had to go. Both of them are very connected with Emory.

We got there early and were able to catch Emily and Amy doing their sound checks. It was basically just us on the field so we got to talk with them just a bit so that was fun. Since we were there so early we had seats right up front which was great! They are on the list of my favorite musicians, not only because I love their music but because I really respect their leadership in the community and the passion for respect and diversity that they promote and share. I think these are things that Emory is really good at also, which is why I love being there and working there and why I loved going to school there! Emory is a very "conscious" university and definitely embraces diversity.

During the concert I saw Amy's brother, Larry, so I went up to talk with him. He is an MD at Emory and several years ago I did a clinical rotation with him when I was working on my FNP degree. He is a nice guy and a really great MD. I learned a lot from him. Ironically, Amy's sister, Laura, lives across the street from my mom! So, I knew her as well through a friend.

Anyway, the concert was great!!! It was just the two of them with their instruments which is absolutely my favorite way to hear them. They really don't need anything else! We were able to snap a few pictures for ya!

Some of the crowd.

Mr. Man trying not to get too sunburned!

You can already see that I am starting to get a little too much sun on my arms!

It was a lot of fun and definitely worth sitting out in the blazing sun for!!!!!


katey said...

I have a jealous. I LOVE the Indigo Girls. They are absolutely amazing! I saw them twice in one weekend at Music Midtown a few years ago. Remember the insanity that was Music Midtown?

J.P. said...

Wowza! That looks amazing! I would love to see them that close. I have seen them several times, but not that close. You are very lucky! Hopefully, they sang WAtershed.. my favorite song! :)