Friday, August 6, 2010


I know you all won't believe this but I actually have some knitting to put on the blog!!! Last week, I found a cool sweater in the latest issue of Knit Simple that I want to make for a certain someone. So, I dyed up the yarn for it last week - all 16 skeins!! I'm doing the Rugby somethingoranother sweater in the DK weight yarn. Here's all of the yarn hanging up to dry.

Seeing as how you can't see any of the colors......I am doing the body in "Artemis", which is a deep foresty green kinda color, and the stripes in a chocolately brown.

Here is the sweater so far - wow, what progress, eh?

We'll see if I can actually complete this by Christmas.


cutesox said...

Pretty color! :) I like the subtle texture there too. :)

What a lucky certain someone!

Turtle said...

like it, gorgeous texture! Been knitting on nantucket red and the backpack in the book knitting green. I have a newfound love for organic cottons and linens!

Gnat said...

That is a fun picture of all the skeins hanging! :) Love the color! Look forward to seeing the progress.