Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I know you all are getting tired of seeing pictures of this cute kitten but I just can't help it! We have probably snapped hundreds of photos of her because it is almost impossible to get her to be still enough for a picture!

This up coming weekend we are off to Atlanta and me, Wayne, Nessie and Petey will all be staying at my mom's house. Wow. My mom is probably going to be sorry that she agreed to this! She is really excited about getting to see Nessie though. I don't blame her - she is just too darn cute!!

Oh, and we did do something kind of productive last week. We went and helped paint the new shed at one of our community gardens. We started early but it was still REALLY hot out there!!!! This was just the primer coat.


Anonymous said...

That's seriously the cutest kitten in the entire world. And for someone so small, she's got a great story of survival to tell! I've really enjoyed seeing her grow as the weeks have passed.

katey said...

Yay! A Nessie photo!

Thank you! I love her!

superwoman_4002 said...

love the kitten!! so cute! :D

tilaturtle said...

We never get tired of cute kitten photos!