Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sunday June 27th!!!

We have a fun date coming up soon! I have some new stuff that we are taking to Only Ewe and Cotton Too on Sunday June 27th. We'll be there from 12-4 so come by if you can! We will have some 50/50 silk/merino, some 70/20/10 alpaca/silk/cashmere and some aran weight. None of those things are available on our website. I dyed them all special just for Sunday! We'll also have some of our regular yarns, roving, yarn bowls and spindle bowls.

Here are a few more random shots from around our place. Honestly, I'm just trying to take up blog space since I have no knitting to show you.

More wildflowers

Yellow squash

Butternut squash

If you don't like spiders....................don't scroll down!!!!

Check out this crazy spider nest that we found in one of our trees!!!! Pretty cool, eh? They were kind of hard to get a good picture of. We think these are wolf spiders, which are harmless but they can get HUGE and scary looking! I imagine they eat lots of the annoying bugs though so they are fine by me!


katey said...

I only have one word for the spider nest:


Turtle said...

:) farm life!

Jain said...

Baby spiders! Love 'em, just wonderful!

I'm growing squash for the first time this year, such fast growers!