Friday, June 25, 2010


Well, I think our new little friend finally has a name! Took us long enough, eh? We think we have settled on Nessie. It was down to Zilla or Nessie. Obviously, we think she is a little monster! :)

Now, I know what you all are thinking. You are thinking that we named her Nessie because of the Twilight series - not so! Actually what happened is that we sold some lace weight yarn one day in the colorway "Nessie" and we both thought - hey, that's a great name for a cat! So be it. Her name is Nessie unless something else sticks. Sort of like Willow - her "name" is Willow but Missy has just stuck so that is all we call her. We just need to get her name changed on her veterinary record!

We are starting to trust Petey a little more with her. He is VERY concerned about her but all he would have to do is accidentally step or sit on her and she would be flat! But we got some cute pictures of him checking her out yesterday.

She is so super cute! She is starting to act like a little cat now. She almost has playing figured out. Mostly, she just entertains us though!

Before you go into the weekend I must share a picture of my husband in the shower yesterday. No - it's not what you think! He worked in the garden yesterday morning and came home a little....ahem......dirty shall we say. The water was just a bit dirty. I keep telling him that he is a dirty old man! Now I have photographic evidence for proof!

Have a great weekend! I hope to see some of you at Only Ewe and Cotton Too on Sunday!!


Warlock said...

Brittany DEMANDED that I take a shower with my Tevas on. They were just a tad me. Playing in the dirt is fun!

Valerie said...

Nessie is adorable! Such a little charmer.

Hockey Mom said...

OMG, she is wonderful. And, everyone needs a dirty old man!