Monday, May 17, 2010

More Critters

I looked out the back window the other morning and I saw this. See him?

Luckily, he and his friend (brother, sister, mom???) came up the driveway after that so that I could get a better shot for you.

Shortly after this, we ran Petey up to the vet for a quick evaluation. Turns out - he has a luxating patella! Great, so now our "free" dog is going to be costing us about a thousand bucks for surgery (so umm - go buy some yarn will ya?). Anyway, on our way there we stopped to get this healthy looking guy out of the road.

Even though we were trying to help him - he wasn't really too appreciative!!

He finally quit trying to act like he was going to kill us and moseyed on along. This is pretty much a typical Spring morning around here. I love it! Well, except for the $1000 surgery part!


jomamma said...

How about if I get a yarn bowl? I have a truck load of yarn... I'm not kidding about this.

Turtle said...

signs of spring for sure! Critters always cost money, lol, even when free!