Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Bionic Man

Several years ago, Wayne was involved in a serious car crash that required (among other things) him to have total reconstructive surgery on one of his hands and a plate in his forearm. Lately, something about the plate has really been giving him trouble so off we went to get a radiograph. We wanted to make sure that he didn't have any screws backing out or anything like that. Luckily, the x-ray is normal. Unluckily though, we still don't know what has been causing him so much pain and swelling.

Actually, I CAN tell you - it's overuse (Mr. go to the gym everyday, martial artist, build everything in sight) but Wayne won't listen to that explanation at all.

Anyway, thought you all might be interested in seeing the x-ray. Or, maybe since I am a Nurse Practitioner, it's only me that thinks this stuff is cool!

Check it out - Warlock innerds!! :)


jomamma said...

That is cool... looks a lot like my brother's leg only it's an arm, and instead of 6 screws and a plate Bro had 9 screws and a plate about an inch below the hip ball. His accident happened in 1979 and by about 2000 his screws had all but backed out and he had to have everything removed. Leg is as good as new, but he went through LOADS of pain before getting to the point of the screws almost poking through his leg before going to get them removed. Men, are they whinnies, or do they just HAVE to prove how tough they are?

Owl Chick said...

You could almost say that Wayne doesn't have a screw loose...but that would be making fun of a good man in pain.

Hope the mystery resolves.

Roadchick said...

Awww...you got Wayne a x-ray for his birthday. How sweet!


The new digital images are amazing - I love how they can turn them to view from every angle.

Beth said...

That's pretty cool looking! Thanks for the chance to give my kids a mini-homeschool lesson!

Mikki said...

We've often accused my sister of being on a field trip when someone goes to the hospital. Glad we're not the only ones! Hope he feels better soon.

pendie said...

It IS cool! I used to work in an orthopedic office and the docs were always showing off their latest work via the xrays

Turtle said...

lol, no, very cool! Sounds llike an excuse to purchase a paraffin tub though and try heat therapy at night! lol, done just so it could be a new form of foreplay!