Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Wayne and I have been thinking for some time now that we need some type of island in our pond for the turtles to sun on and the birds to hang out on. We started brainstorming. It had to be a decent size, float (obviously!), be able to be tethered into place and the turtles had to be able to crawl up onto it. Wayne started out with the idea to try and use that darn satellite dish. That just didn't work out and it looked way too "southern engineered" for us. So, we ditched that plan!

Wayne bought some 4 inch PVC pipe and connected them and sealed them together for the flotation portion of the project. We decided to us that again but change the platform. Wayne came up with this brilliant plan that worked perfectly and used up a bunch of scrap wood we had hanging around!!

Here he is putting it together.

Just about ready to go in.

We put the PVC under it and Wayne had some eye hooks on each side of the platform that we used to tie cinder blocks to. We went out in the canoe and tied the cinder blocks on to hold it in place.

Instant island! And, you see Petey going out for his daily swim.

I love it! My husband does great work!!! Now, do you think the turtles have been appreciative of this and used it? Of course not. I am hoping they will discover it soon though. Lately it has been cloudy and a little chilly here so that may be why they haven't sought out refuge to soak up some rays in the safety of the middle of the pond. As of now we have a huge snapping turtle, a small snapping turtle and a slider out there. There are probably more but those are the ones we have seen so far.

Luckily I took these pictures last week. This blog is going to get pretty boring if I don't find one of our cameras soon!


jomamma said...

I think the sat dish is a great idea (but I'm from the South too.) Once you get it in the water the moss and vegetation will start to grow over it and soon it won't even look like a dish. I think you should give it another chance. You could always mount it onto a pole and string some tiny lights on it and use it for an umbrella on the bank.

gwengoods said...

Great idea, the turtles will love it!