Monday, May 24, 2010


Yes, we are actually doing some - though we have really scaled back from last year! There is just no way that I am going to have the time to do the amount of canning this year that I did last year.

Our lettuce has been doing great and we have been enjoying garden fresh lettuce for about a month now!

A few weeks ago I put our squash in the ground. This is yellow squash. BTW - adding the straw around the plants REALLY helps to control the weeds.

Then the other day I put some of our tomatoes in the ground and some butternut squash. We'll put the straw around these when they get a little bigger and when we finish planting the bed.

Hauling around all of that mushroom and horse manure compost has really helped!! We also started our own composting bins (we have always composted but now we have an "official" area for it) but I didn't take a picture of that for ya!

Seriously, I am occasionally knitting but as of yet, it just really hasn't been enough to write home about. You know how it is when you get to the long rows of a shawl so good night is completing 2 rows, right? Well for me anyway - and this is a small shawl!

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Julie Petty said...

If you're close to an alpaca farm, I think you would really like the manure for your gardening. There are places I wish I hadn't put it because things have grown TOO fast! For vegetables and annuals, it is wonderful!

Happy gardening!