Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wayne the Goat Wrangler

Remember the cute picture of the new baby goat?

Well, unfortunately Little Miss Thing's mom has rejected her so she is having to be hand fed. Gale (my stepmom) has been using another goat to feed her until she gets used to the bottle. Well, if you know anything about goats, you know that they will not nurse a baby that is not their own. So Gale tells Wayne "Hey, hold that momma goat over there so the baby can suckle for a while. Wayne was like "uh....what?"

Gale starts laughing and shows him how to hold the momma goat so that the little orphan can suckle. Oh. My. Gosh. I was trying SO HARD to get the video on my camera to work but I just could not figure it out. The fact that I missed getting this experience on film is so terribly upsetting to me I just can't even express the words.

The momma goat is SCREAMING like she is being seriously injured (she wasn't - AT ALL). If anything, it was Wayne who was getting injured! While that was going on, Wayne is trying his darndest to hold onto the goat and it wasn't really going very well. On top of that I have Gale in the background yelling "WAYNE, watch out for your crotch!!" "Don't let her get her horns in your crotch!!" Which, of course, is not making Wayne any more comfortable!

I did manage to get a few pictures of the rodeo though!

It was hilarious to say the least. I know I should have been helping him but I was too busy laughing.

We are off to Atlanta today to get set up for Stitches South! We'll be back tonight and then we'll be heading out again tomorrow morning for the show. See you all there!!!!


Beverly said...

That's hilarious! The little goat is so cute! Way to go, Wayne...helping out a poor little orphan!

Owl Chick said...

So awesome! I can see why this is an occasion for Wayne to not be wearing his new kilt ;D

Lisa said...

My new favorite line: "Don't let her get her horns in your crotch!!" Hysterical.

Turtle said...

so cute! (dangerous area to play wih horns) lol

Warlock said...

Crotch was the bloggable term. She used other more descriptive language while I was struggling to keep things safe!