Monday, March 1, 2010

Want to help some tiny babies?

My good friend (and fellow nurse) Melissa asked me to repost this information. I'll just repost her own words instead of me trying to restate everything. I don't want to lose any of the details!!!

My hospital is trying to get people to knit up some little squares with heart designs on them in a hypoallergenic yarn so that the mothers of the preemie babies can wear them under their shirts, next to their skin and then bring them in to place with their babies in their isolettes. This way, they will have something cute with their mama’s scent on it. I’m using cotton for the ones I am doing and am using some dishcloth patterns for free by kris knits.

I was wondering if you could mention the project (Project Mother’s Scent) in your blog for anybody who was interested in knitting one for the cause. The cloths should be mailed to:

Kylie Rowlands c/o Rockdale Medical Center
1412 Milstead Ave. Conyers, Ga 30012.

The below link is for some “dishcloth” ideas.

Thanks everyone!!!!


Turtle said...

great idea! let me look in my stash!

Zonda said...

I'll be letting my knitting guild know about this too :)