Wednesday, March 24, 2010

New project!

I am SO EXCITED about one of the new projects we have going on! There are a couple of reasons for this. Remember this thing?

We finally started taking it out and getting busy with a new project that will go in it's place. Even though I'm so sad to see this lovely lawn ornament go........what is going in it's place is going to be MUCH better. Chickens!!!!!!!

Wayne is using the wood from the small shed that we took down when we put in the big shed so we are using a lot of recycled materials here which is great!!

I am so excited about getting chickens I can hardly stand it! Wayne has been working on it off and on for about a week since it is 70 degrees one day and then snowing the next!!! Here's the progress so far.

We will probably get about 4 babies and a few adults to start with and see how that goes. We'll get the adults from my dad's place. We tend to go through a lot of eggs so I'm not sure exactly how many we will need. The cats are going to be really excited about this!


jomamma said...

I LOVE 'farm' eggs. My son brings them to us from a co-worker. They make the prettiest egg salad, with their bright almost orange yolks.

Jennifer said...

When I see you a SAFF this year, we will have to exchange chicken stories! My older son kept a flock for 4-H years ago, and I was a 4-H leader. The entertainment was never ending! And don't worry about the cats - any mother hen worth her weight in eggs can take care of feline intruders/stalkers in a NY minute! More entertainment!

Evergreen said...

I used to raise chicken and it is really fun. Especially the laying hens. Each has a unique personality.
I do bodywork on horses and one year we had those big white chickens that always have tender bones. One of the chickens had a bad leg and couldn't walk. I decided to try the horse's bodywork and see if it helped.
Here I was in the chicken coup doing 'chicken touch' on a half grown bird!
Well, long story short, the chicken revived and was able to make it to butchering day with all the other chickens.

Turtle said...

i so have been wanting chickens! we actually do have a small barn on our property, it is in ok shape, but we also have bears and very active raccoons so it would not be the best option. Trying to hold off till we sell this place and get settled in the new location, no moving of animals please! lol

so have you searched online for ways to re-use or recycle the dish? i have ran across them from time to time, some very cool!