Thursday, March 25, 2010

Guess Who is Back??

Yay! I'm hoping they will stay here instead of going elsewhere to build their nest. I don't know - we'll see. We need a "Goose Island" in our pond for the perfect nesting spot!

Goose (the cat) is very excited about this as well and is convinced that he is going to catch a goose. I don't think so. The geese aren't too worried about him and his antics.

Speaking of Goose - look where I found him the other morning:

Here is a better perspective of where he was:

See him WAY up there on the left hand corner of the shed?


turtlegirl76 said...

Holy Crap! I know cats have good balance and all but I'd be going nuts if that was Calvin or Ripple up there. Particularly Calvin since he actually doesn't have very good balance.

Evergreen said...

I just wrote a blog post about leaving yarn and things out in the yard for the birds to gather and use in their nests. I wonder if geese would use things?
Not surprised to see the cat on the roof, they can get to some very strange places.

TURBOchic said...

The cat I had as a child used to do the same thing at our house. He'd get up on a car and agilely (word?) jump to the roof. He'd get down the same way. Easy Peasy.

I tried leaving out yarn bits on plants and found they just ended up on the ground. So instead this year I bought a birdhouse that sticks to the window (plexi-glass in the back) and filled it wwith all my scrap ends of yarn. I am hoping to entice a few of my own birds this year.

Turtle said...

king of the hill! Friends freak out when stalker kitty seems to just jump straight up (which she pretty much does) but they don't see her come down. She either grips the upper deck and does a pull up or goes even higher up onto the roof. She loves to be up high and investigate. Of course we have also caught her with an arm inside of oneof the up high bird houses and had to squirt her with the hose!

Farmer Jen said...

So cool that you have geese at your place, and Goose too!