Friday, February 19, 2010

Busy Day Today!

Today I'm teaching nursing students at Emory for half the day, then it's off to lunch with my sweetie and then driving back to the hills. We have gotten a few fun pictures for everyone so I'll get those uploaded after we get home.

Funny story about teaching there.............I'm teaching a clinical segment. The students will be practicing assessing a patient and doing things in the right order, talking to the MD and giving report. I got a whole host of preparatory materials so that I would know how the segment is supposed to run and what to cover during the debriefing, etc. Well, when I was there, in school, we didn't have these fancy patient simulators so I don't really know anything about them. In the materials it said that the students could ask the simulator any questions and that the patient would answer them. Ummm - really?!?! Now THAT is pretty amazing, right?

One of the faculty members called me to make sure I was ok with all the materials and the procedures. We got to talking about the simulator and I was telling her how impressed I am with all of the things that the simulator can do (have a certain heart rate, pulses, breathing issues, EKG abnormalities, etc. Then I asked her - how in the world is this thing able to answer student questions?!?!? Then, she revealed the amazing secret. The simulation lab has a one way mirror and the faculty actually operate the simulator from behind the mirror (can change the heart rate, make vital signs respond to certain interventions, etc). Well, they also have a microphone that they can speak into that transmits into a speaker in the simulated patient!!!! OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH - OK - duh!! Hahaha!!!!

In other news, I've made decent progress on the first of my second pair of Musica. I'll let you know what I came up with to help fix the fair isle issues.

Have a great weekend everyone!!!! I hope we will actually have a weekend without snow or rain this time!!


jomamma said...

I'm thinking it's good they told you about the people behind the mirror... that had the potential to be a pretty funny prank on you.

Jane said...

Yeah, that situation is ripe for pranks. Next time you are in town, let's do lunch. I'm walking distance from the Brickstore!