Thursday, January 28, 2010

Squares are filling up!

Thanks to everyone who has already donated to Charity: Water for entry into the Superbowl squares contest! So far, we have filled 1/4 of the squares so there is still plenty of room for you to get in on the fun. Here's what Knit Witch has decided to contribute as prizes:

1st quarter winner will receive a skein of our Cauldron yarn (Merino/Cashmere/Nylon blend) in their choice of colors! The colors available are below:

Stinging Nettle

Deadly Nightshade

Eye of Newt

Hair of Unicorn

Poison Hemlock

Scale of Dragon

3rd quarter winner will receive a $25 gift certificate for Knit Witch. Since we use Paypal (which unfortunately does not offer me that ability to create gift certificates) we will refund $25 on your next purchase from us.

Kate will be sending the prizes for the 2nd and 4th quarter prizes. I think she said she is contributing a skein of her bamboo blend yarn and a skein of her djini sock yarn. We'll see what she has for sure but that is what I have heard so far.

Keep in mind that theoretically you can win more than one quarter! If the score does not change or if you happen to be lucky enough to hold more than one square corresponding with the current score at the end of the quarter. One time I played this with some friends (no yarn involved sadly) but my friend won all 4 quarters!!

If you want to see complete details on the contest you can look at yesterday's blog post.

I have made a lot of progress on Mythica so I'll share some pictures of that with you tomorrow!

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