Monday, January 11, 2010


Woot! We got lots of snow here over the past few days! Unfortunately though, the bad weather did delay our trip to Only Ewe and Cotton Too in Alpharetta. So, the new plan is for us to be there around noon this coming Thursday. If you will be in the area please stop by to visit!

Of course I have lots of good snow pictures for you and a couple of cute videos too. Goose has had such a fun time skating around on our pond which has seriously become an ice skating rink. Wayne even went out there and walked on it the other day (while he was holding on tightly to the dock!) even though The Weather Channel was begging people repeatedly not to do this!

Our creek.

Some of our woods.

Our pond and our neighbor's barn.

Our pond from the back side.

Our neighbor took this one of our house from her house. This was after the snow had already started melting.

We did manage to get out on Friday night to go to dinner with Molly (who owns Yarnside Gathering in Pensecola) and her husband. We had a blast even though we ended up ordering WAY too much sushi!! Molly's husband is in the military so the men folk has plenty of fun stuff to discuss. Thank goodness both of our trucks have 4 wheel drive though - it was kinda nasty out there!

Here's Goose with his gold medal ice skating routine. I have tried to keep him off the ice but he is just too excited about it.


Sara said...

Goose is too funny on the ice. What is it with cats that are from the south loving snow. Killian is crazy about snow!!!

Turtle said...

too much suahi? never! Ah, pretty snow. Not here .... yet!! Just more fog, grey and flooding (literally) rains... Pout!*

Beverly said...

That video is hilarious! So cute. Is he going to try out for the Catlympics?

Lista said...

I didn't even realize that last one was video when I was here earlier! Hilarious! That's going to be one unhappy kitteh if the ice breaks!

moevans said...

Bill and I enjoyed the evening immensely! The sushi was good, but the company was great! Thanks for a fun evening and we look forward to seeing you again soon.

Bubblesknits said...

Oh my Lord, that's hilarious! Never seen a kitty ice skating before. :-)