Thursday, December 10, 2009

Only Ewe

First of all - thank you all SO MUCH for your comments and support on the blog post yesterday. I really appreciate hearing that it helped people and I am so sorry for all the others that are on such a painful and difficult journey as well. I guess we just keep putting the positive energy out there.

Last week we made the trek to Only Ewe and Cotton Too in Alpharetta. We had a great time there! Elyse and Bill (the owners) are just some of the nicest people we have ever met and they have such a cute shop with great customers!!!

We played with yarn.

And looked around the shop (such a cute little shop too!).

And took an order for even MORE yarn! It seems that Knit Witch BFL fingering weight yarn will be a regular player in the shop so we are really excited about that! This shop is only a couple of miles from my dad's house so that makes it really convenient to swing by and drop off the yarn and it gives me a great excuse to go visit my dad too.

After we went there we met my dad for lunch at PF Chang. THAT was a good time! It's always nice to be able to hang out with him for a while. Then we went and did our shopping at Sam's. I went ahead and reordered my contacts from there so I had conveniently arranged to do everything on the same day. We went to Sam's and did all of our shopping then we headed back to the hills.

Later that night I was sitting on the couch watching "Daltry Calhoun" (which was a pretty good movie by the way) and there is a scene in there where the girl is fiddling with her glasses. Then it suddenly hit me. After pretty much arranging that whole darn trip around getting to Sam's to pick up my contacts - guess what I forgot?!?!?! Ugh..................luckily I called my dad telling him what a goof I was and he kindly offered to go pick them up for me and store them until I get back down there again - which shouldn't be too long as I have already started work on the new order for Only Ewe and Cotton Too!

I hate it when stuff like that happens though - don't you?


jomamma said...

I need to go check my LYS for your yarn.

Turtle said...

cute shop!
your post yesterday i felt was interesting, not sure why i didn't comment. Having taught k and first for 12 years i witnessed alot first hand.