Friday, December 11, 2009

Hot and Cold

First up - a few annoucements:

There are new yarn bowls up on the website - these will probably be the last batch we put up before Christmas. If you (or someone for you) is ordering for Christmas - please make sure you (they) order BEFORE December 17th so that we can be sure to get your order to you in time.

There are 4 days left to sign up for the Knit Witch Fiber Clubs. We have made the move from open enrollment to scheduled enrollment. The next sign-up will be in June. Sign-ups for the Knit Witch clubs end on December 15th.

You still have time to join Club Dragon Witch, though spaces are filling up! We are keeping this sign-up open until January 7th or until it is full. I happen to know that at least two people are getting this as a gift for Christmas!! :) We did some gift certificates for those who were buying the club as a gift so that they would have something for the recipient to open on Christmas. We are glad to do that for any of our products and email you the certificate so that you can print it for a gift.

FINALLY - we have some new videos up! We are getting ready to shoot another one in just a few minutes on wet blocking since I have some sleeves to block so that one should be up later today.

We came home from Atlanta one day and realized that the kiln had never shut off while we were gone. This was BAD! The kiln should have shut itself off hours ago so it was REALLY hot. Wayne bravely opened it a little bit so that he could bring the temperature down a bit. I should have taken a picture then but I didn't think about it until several hours later. So, here is what it looked like several hours later after it had "cooled" a bit.

Also, last week - we had some SNOW! We took a few pictures for you. I know, those of you up north are going to be laughing at our "snow".

Have a great weekend everyone! We are headed to Atlanta this weekend for a fun holiday party with some knitting friends. We can't wait to see everyone and have some fun! I'm sure there will be some entertaining pictures from that!


katey said...

that snow is so pretty! Wow. My feet are cold just looking at it though!

Jane said...

Beautiful snow! Good thing you had the kiln to keep you warm. Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday!

Kate said...

I think your snow is beautiful:)