Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Do you hear frogs?

It's sort of late in the year for frogs but the frogging sound was heard loud and clear here in Blue Ridge yesterday.

I FINALLY finished the Girl Friday sweater yesterday! It was a great knit except for the 83 miles of 1x1 at the end. I finally finished it all and all I had left to do was seam it all together. As I was knitting the dreaded ribbing, I noticed that the ribbing was "pulling in" a little bit but I figured it was nothing that could not be fixed with a little light blocking. Famous last words, right?

Well, if I had actually laid it out and LOOKED at it instead of just knitting more and more ribbing I would have noticed that something was not quite right. In Knit Witch speak, this is referred to as "wonky". See anything amiss here?

Uh, yeah. MAJOR problems here. That problem is WAY beyond blocking, don't you think. Then as I thought about it, I remember the knitting pattern clearly stating to pick up 2 stitches for every 3 stitches along the button bands. Yeah, I picked up every other stitch. Big difference.

So, 5 minutes later after I realized this error, the sweater looked like this:

Back to the drawing board. So, now I get to knit the 83 miles of 1x1 again PLUS about another 42 miles in addition to that due to the additional stitches I should have picked up in the first place. I should be really good at ribbing by the time this is all over.

I have already picked up the stitches again and completed the neck ribbing, now I just have to do the button bands and the rest of the neck. On the first go around I had a total of like 125 stitches or something. On this second go around I have 203 so this should work much better. Nothing like reading the pattern and actually doing what it says, eh?


Beverly said...

How maddening! There's nothing like thinking you are finished, only to rip out and reknit. Yuk. It'll be beautiful though and I staple in your wardrobe!

evilsciencechick said... kind of looks like a big golden hoo-ha!


Turtle said...

yuck to the frogging. were you drinking something spiked when this happened...hmmmm?

ktb38 said...

Even tho you had to frog it, I think it's super pretty!