Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Eve Excitement

On the night of Christmas Eve we had a REALLY bad rain/wind storm. We had gusts of wind up to 65mph!! The wind kept me up most of the night - I was thinking that the shingles weren't even going to stay on our house!! It was pretty scary. Luckily, it was much too warm here for there to be snow and ice - otherwise the storm would have been way worse.

I sat up on the couch and read from about 2:30AM until about 7. (YAY for Kindle!) I couldn't sleep because I felt like crap and because the wind was keeping me up. At about 4:30 AM I heard this loud "CRAAAAAAACK" that lasted for about 10 seconds. I braced myself for a tree falling and really, really hoped that it wasn't going to fall on our house. I didn't hear it actually hit the ground so I was anxious to see what had happened the next morning when the sun came up. Around 6AM we finally lost power but it was back on by about 11 or so.

Once the sun came up, this is what we saw.

This does not really seem unusual in and of itself except that..............we never have this view of our neighbor's barn! Usually there is a large tree blocking our view of her barn. Uh oh.

When the sun came up well we went out to see what had happened. Here's what we found:

Ugh. Poor tree. I hate to see that we have lost one of our big pine trees. The reason that I didn't hear it actually fall is because the fall was cushioned by all of the brush that grows alongside the creek that flows between our pond and our neighbor's pond. Unfortunately, the tree is hanging into our neighbor's pond so we'll need to get someone out here this week to see what we can do about having it removed. I don't know how they are going to get this thing out of there though. It should be an interesting blog story if nothing else.


jomamma said...

Isn't it weird when the view opens up like that? At first you can't quiet put your finger on why the view looks so different. Next week you'll be so used to it that you hardly remember that tree was there. That same storm gave North Texas the first white Christmas in 80 years. I'm sure we have downed trees in our area too. That wind was brutal.

Nalamienea said...

crazy! That was a huge tree!

Beverly said...

Wow! I bet that was a loud snap when that sucker fell. Good luck getting it out of the pond! Hope you are feeling better.

Turtle said...

wow, at least all was well though! We get quite a few high wind storms out this way and i always get a bit nervous. We have a huge grove of 200 foot tall trees behind us. They are not on our property and the ground stays quite wet in that area. Other trees in the area have fallen from root rot or just ground saturation not holding the roots. And our roof is the tallest in the area. well, plant a new tree in it's place, plant two and call it progress!