Wednesday, November 25, 2009

WIP Wednesday

Amazingly enough there is actual progress on the Girl Friday sweater. I have finished the back, the left side and most of the right side.

This project is moving along fairly quickly (for me anyway). I would have had the right side finished last night but we were watching Angels and Demons and I didn't want to leave the movie long enough to go get another ball of yarn! Yes, I know I could have paused it but that would have ruined the momentum, ya know? It was a pretty good movie! It actually followed the book really well. Of course, you don't get the level of detail in the movie that you get in the book but it was definitely an action packed thriller!

Today Wayne will be baking more apple pies to take to my dad's house tomorrow. We are expecting a pretty laid back day. We'll be going over there early and visiting and then probably heading back fairly early as well since we'll be leaving Petey here.

Speaking of Petey - here's a few shots of the Petemeister:

Lounging on the dock

Swimming after his toy in our pond

Lounging on the patio with his BFF Slim

What a life, eh?


Jane said...

have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

theyarnwhisperer said...

I am actually "reading" Angels and Demons on audio cd. I've recently discovered the joys of listening to books on cd as I make the long trek to and from work.