Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Early Thanksgiving

First of all - there are new yarn bowls up on the site again!

We headed out to my cousin's house in Rome, GA for an early Thanksgiving celebration with the family. However, we are terrible bloggers because I don't think a single one of us took any pictures! We had a great time though. As predicted, Wayne and I again lost all of our money to the family peeps in cards. Good thing we only pay $3 to get in a game! So, we lost a total of $6 - not too bad but ya know - we never win! I think it's fixed.

Amazingly, I didn't even eat too much! Which really wasn't too difficult since there was a lot of meat involved. Wayne made his famous homemade apple pie! We figured that if we made two and generously brought both we would end up going home with at least one. Not so. Our other pie was confiscated by my cousin - she didn't even ask either - just told us - "Oh, I'll be keeping that pie!". It's probably best. We don't need to be eating all of that pie anyway!

As always we had a great time playing cards with a lot of laughing, goofing off and making fun of each other - it isn't really too hard with our crowd. We had a healthy mix of Democrats and Republicans so that always makes for a lively debate. Seriously - I don't understand how some of these people even stay married! :) It was a good time - even though the Redskins lost - AGAIN. Sheesh. I have actually seen that some people have Redskins related projects on Ravelry that are in hibernation until the Redskins start playing like a real team! Guess they will be hibernating until next season.

My son and his girlfriend got to go with us so it was nice to visit with them for a while. My elusive brother actually showed up as well with his new girlfriend. My cousin said to me "Well, do you know if Bob is bringing Paige?" I was like - ummmm........who's Paige? That made her feel better because she had only found out the day before about my brother's girlfriend Paige who he has been dating for 8 months apparently. She felt out of the loop but when she realized that I was even MORE out of the loop she felt much better. He does not really tell us much as you can see!

For the "real" Thanksgiving we are headed to my dad's house so that will be fun too. Until then I'll be finishing my wholesale yarn order for Only Ewe and Cotton Too and working on the new club project which we will hopefully be able to launch next week!!! What's everyone else up to this week???

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Sarah B. said...

Bringing my in-laws to my parents' house for the holiday over in Destin. Should be pretty fun, they all get along great, which takes the pressure off me and hubby to be entertaining. Plus, with four grandparents, we will actually get to go out at least one night!